Kingsley Parish Council, Hampshire

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We have plots in different areas designated as 'organic', 'as organic as possible' or 'non-organic'. 

Plots & Ren

There are full and half plots available. Rent are reviewed at the AGM every year and kept as low as possible. Rentpayment is due in November for the following year. 


Padlocks should not be removed from the gates. The code will be changed in January each year. Gates should be shut and padlocks secured on leaving the plots.

Also, please shut the gate behind you when leaving or enter the site (to keep rabbits out!) 


Water is metered and costs are included in the annual rent.

Water leaks or damaged taps should be notified to one of the Committee members immediately. 

The water supply will be switched off between 1 October and 31 March.

Hoses may be used with hand held sprinkler attachments but must not be left on unattended. 


Written consent from the Association Committee must be obtained to plant fruit trees/bushes that need more than 12 months to mature. 

Sheds & Greenhouses 

Written consent from the Association must be obtained to erect a shed which is up to 1.8m x 1.2m x 1.95m high.

Temporary toolboxes, cold frames and compost bins which are lower than 1.2m can be placed without consent.

Sheds should be placed on the southern edge of a plot (i.e. the entrance side) and should not shade a neighbours plot. 

Membership Cards 

Membership cards are issued each year for each plot holder.

We have obtained a discount on seeds, plants and garden materials from Chocolate Frog in Oakhanger and Mill Lane Farm Shop in Headley – please show your membership card. 


Any news will be posted on the notice board placed at the entrance to the site or sent to members by e-mail. 


The Association's Policies can be viewed on the 'apply for plot' page