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Broadband in Kingsley

Broadband in Kingsley remains a priority for the Parish Council. 

Some parts of Kingsley were included in the 2014 Hampshire Superfast Broadband Rollout Programme, but this would have provided coverage to a limited number of properties and  was not scheduled to be delivered before late 2018. This was of concern to the Parish Council who first met BT Group in 2014 to see what could be done to improve the situation.

Since then members of the Parish Council have had many hours of discussions with BT Group, other providers of broadband infrastructure and HCC to explore a number of different options to bring faster broadband to all in the village. 

It can be seen in the Oct and Nov 2017 reports below that considerable improvement in timescale for delivery and the  coverage of broadband in Kingsley is now expected. 

Latest News

1 November 2018

We have received an update on the structures (ie networks) that Openreach are building in Kingsley to provide the FTTP infrastructure to properties in the village. The original information posted on this site in May left a number of unanswered questions such ‘what is happening to the 100 unallocated premises that needed to be assigned to 1 of the networks?’ and ‘what are R6 and R7?'.

These questions have now been answered. Openreach has provided a new list of Kingsley Community Addresses from the updated Openreach plan. This will tell you which properties are assigned to the various structures in the village.

On 17 Oct, Openreach provided a short explanation for the new list, as follows:-

Attached is the file with all* properties now mapped to existing or new structures.   You will see that references to R6 & R7 are no longer and the creation of several new V6*** structures.  These are the arms of the build I spoke to you about last week and whilst smaller in size than V32 / 31 and 21 are essentially the same.
*You will also no doubt notice there are 10 properties on the list that state ‘No Structure’. DO NOT PANIC! These have been surveyed by Andy and Martin and are in plan but due to a planning upgrade they are not yet mapped to a structure but this is expected within the next 24-48 hours.

Please click on the document  Kingsley Community Addresses V3 Oct 2018.pdf   to see the new list. 

The new list shows the structures for the village are now V21, V32, V33, V6002, V6024, V6035, V6039, V6080 and V6167.

We are now pressing Openreach to let us know when properties on the V33 and V6*** structures will be able to order FTTP and what are the issues that are causing delays.

Previous Updates

12 October 2018 - update from Openreach

Residents on the V32 network can now order FTTP services. This network is live!

The Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) network is being implemented via a number of sub-networks in the village (and surrounding areas). Lists of the properties served by each of these network can been seen the Kingsley Community Addresses document under download reports.

The V32 network is now complete and commissioned and so people on this network can order their fibre service from service providers who support FTTP.
The V21 network is now built and complete and handed to the commissioning team for quality audit. So this will shortly be ready for orders (assuming no major problems are found).

The V33 network -  a section of the network cabling has been missed. This should be sorted soon so that the V33 network can be sent for commissioning towards the end of next week. A wayleave is required for part of this network which may affect the timescale for a few properties but this has been sent to the land owner (Tarmac) for approval.
The remaining properties (eg the on ‘the 100 to be assigned’ list) have been surveyed and allocated to networks. Impact assessments are taking place to check on head end capacity and these should be completed by 15th October. If all is OK then OpenReach will prepare the job packs for the contractors to undertake the necessary works.

12 August 2018

It is good to be able to report that the build of the V32 network in the area has been completed and it was sent off on 10 August to be commissioned. This means that in about 7 to 10 days time some 68 premises should be able to place an order for a fibre service. 

Openreach will confirm when the commissioning is complete.

Please click on the file Kingsley Community Addresses May 2018.pdf to see which premises are covered by the V32 network.

Work is also progressing on the other networks listed in the file and progress updates will be posted here as and when we received new information

14 June 2018

Openreach have provided an update of the progress towards the implementation of the Kingsley FTTP broadband network. Please click on file Openreach update 14  Jun 2018.pdf under Download Reports.

17 May 2018

BT Openreach gave a presentation at the Parish Meeting last night outlining the progress of installing the FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) networks. 

A copy of the presentation can be seen by clicking on the file BT Openreach presentation 16 May 2018.pdf under Download Reports

During the presentation we were told that Kingsley (and some of the surrounding areas) will be served by 5 FTTP networks.

Work is progressing well and almost complete on 3 of these networks (V21, V32 and V33) covering some 267 properties. These will be live and taking orders in the next few weeks.

Work is underway on the remaining networks to connect a total of 445 premises.  Openreach anticipate all delivery within 2018 calendar year at the latest.

A full list of premises to be covered by the 5 FTTP networks can be seen in the file Kingsley Community Addresses May 2018.pdf. under Download Reports opposite. This shows which networks serve which premises. 

24 Nov 2017

More details of BT Openreach plans for broadband roll out in Kingsley were provided at a meeting between Parish Councillors and BT Group on 15 November 2017. 

Please click on the report KINGSLEY BROADBAND UPDATE Nov 2017.pdf  under Download Reports opposite for the latest information. 

29 Oct 2017

Following a year of meetings and negotiations with HCC, BT and other providers of rural broadband infrastructure, there is now more optimistic news about the provision of Broadband for all of Kingsley and the surrounding area.

Please click on the report KINGSLEY BROADBAND UPDATE Oct 2017.pdf  under Download Reports opposite for the latest update.

24 Oct 2016 

Since the meeting held on 22 Sep, Karin and Richard of the Parish Council have obtained more information from Pine Media about their offer.

The latest information is presented in the report PINE MEDIA BROADBAND - Oct 2016.pdf  under 'Download Report' opposite.

As can be seen in the report, some local 70 people have expressed an interest with Pine Media.

22 Sep 2016

The meeting with Pine Media was well attended. Residents need to decide whether the solution offered by Pine Media could meet their needs. 

Further information and the registration process can be found on the Pine Media website

Please note that the Parish Council is not responsible for any content, inaccuracy, claims or offers made on any external sites visited from this website. Inclusion of a website link does not signify any parish council endorsement, authorisation or recommendation of the site or its content.

16 Sep 2016

A proposal for the provision of Broadband for residents in the village who currently get poor service will be the main item to be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting. A provider of this service, Pine Media, will be at the meeting to describe the proposal and answer any questions you may have. 

This meeting starts at 7.30 on 22 Sep 2016 in the Kingsley Centre.

Outline details of the proposal are provided in the file Kingsley Broadband Proposal - Sept 2016.pdf  under 'Download Reports' opposite

18 May 2016

Cllrs Coury and Clayton have had several meetings in the last month with the Hampshire Superfast Broad (HSB) project, BT Group and alternative providers of broadband infrastructure for rural communities.

The latest information and options for Kingsley are provided in the 18 May report under 'Download Reports' opposite. 

30 March 2016

Cllrs Coury and Clayton meeting with Grant Munn (BT Openreach) and Glenn Peacey (Hampshire Superfast Broadband (HSB) programme manager) to get authoritative statement about HSB Wave 2 rollout plans for Kingsley and options for self-funding.

1 March 2016

Update published in King's World (see under 'Download Reports' opposite)

Download Reports

Kingsley Community Addresses V3 Oct 2018.pdf Kingsley Community Addresses V3 Oct 2018.pdf
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