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King’s World Magazine:

The King’s World Magazine is a popular source of local news and information. It covers the parishes of Kingsley, Oakhanger, the Worldhams and Hartley Mauditt.

Subscribers receive 10 editions per year delivered free to local addresses, at a cost of £10, or £15 if sent by post. Individual copies can usually be purchased at the Kingsley Centre.

To subscribe, please contact the Editor by email at

King’s Blog:

The King’s Blog is an independently run blog which provides information and articles about local matters. It has some good descriptions of Kingsley village and is kept up-to-date with local news and events.

Visit The King's Blog website

Kingsley Centre:

The Kingsley Centre website provides information about local amenities and a diary of events that take place in the Kingsley Centre.

Visit The Kingsley Centre website

All Saints Church, Kingsley:

The times of services in the Parish Church, All Saints Kingsley, and other events can be found on the Church Website

The Cricketers:

The village Pub

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