Kingsley Parish Council, Hampshire

Photograph from Mrs Doggrell's collection

Kingsley Parish Plan

The need for a Parish Plan for Kingsley was discussed at the Annual Parish Meeting in April 2009. By September 2009, eight volunteers agreed to form a Steering Committee to prepare the plan. 

The objective of the Steering Committee was to publish a plan firmly based on evidence of 'What Kingsley Wants'. 

The committee arranged many events in the village, including a survey delivered to every household in the village, to gather the required evidence.

The plan was drawn up and published in Spring 2013 and identifies a series of actions to be undertaken by volunteers in the Parish and by the Parish, District and County Councils.

The plan can viewed and downloaded below.

Kingsley Parish Plan - Final - April 2013.pdf Kingsley Parish Plan - Final - April 2013.pdf
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