Kingsley Parish Council, Hampshire


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Submitting comments

Parish Council Comments:

Kingsley Parish Council considers each new application that may affect Kingsley. The first thing the Parish Council does is to check that an application is factually correct in terms of location, access rights of ways, proximity to flood areas and Special Protected Areas etc.

The Parish Council next considers what impact the proposed development may have on the village and its residents and listens to the views of local residents. The Council then prepares a response to the planning authority stating its position in one of four ways:

 'Supports' the proposed development

• 'no objection' to the proposed development

 'Objects' to the proposed development

 'Strongly objects' to the proposed development

All responses have to be backed up with reasoned comments based on the planning policies that EHDC and HCC use to assess applications.

The Parish Council will ‘support’ a proposed development that provides a benefit for the local community or meets a special need with little adverse affect; conversely it will ‘strongly object’ to applications that breache planning policies and are detrimental to the local environment, even if very strict conditions were to be applied

Public Comments:

The Parish Council is keen to know the views of local residents who may be affected by proposed developments so that these can be represented in the Parish Council's comments to EHDC and HCC.

You can make your views known to the Parish Council by email to the Clerk or any councillor.  Better still, come to the Parish Council meeting when the application is to be discussed and you will be given time to raise your points. Remember, the Council cannot know your views if you do not tell us!

You also have the right to submit you own comments direct to the planning authorities during the consultation period. This can be done via the EHDC or HCC Planning websites or in writing to the planning officers.

Please submit your comments to arrive before the final date of the Public consultation period.