Kingsley Parish Council, Hampshire

Kingsley Village Greens

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Village Greens

There are four registered Village Greens in Kingsley. They are Upper Green (the children's playground), Lower Green, Goose Green and the Cricket Pitch on the common.

The Parish Council owns and maintains two of these greens - Upper Green and Lower Green.

The maintenance of village greens has to strike a balance between the often conflicting requirements of maintaining the rural environment of the village with habitats for flora and fauna, keeping the areas looking tidy and cared for and ensuring that the areas are accessible and safe for all to enjoy; whilst acting within the law and very limited budgets!

Parish councils are duty bound to ensure that village greens are protected in accordance with the law. The most important principle is that everyone has the Right to go onto a green for recreational purposes and it is illegal for anyone to act in such a way as to curtail the enjoyment of this Right.